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2008 - 12 Episodes - Airborne with Matt Jeffs started at The St. Augustine Record in 2008 with a couch a green wall (as a green screen) and one camera. On a shoe string budget, Mr. Jeffs interviewed 12 folks from the St. Augustine community including Senator George McGovern. I taped, edited and directed all shows.
2009 - 25 Episodes - In 2009 we partnered with WFOY Radio to take the show LIVE, both on the airwaves and simulcast over the internet LIVE video at We used three cameras and I directed the shows LIVE. Unfortunately, the 3rd party server we used to host the archives for these shows has since gone down. I am still hopeful that they will be recovered but until then, see the 2009 guestlist.
2010 - 39 Episodes - In 2010, The Record partnered with Eclipse Studios to tape the show in their professional studio. We released the last episode of Airborne in December of 2010. The show was canceled due to budget cuts at The St. Augustine Record. The camera work was done by myself and Dan Bagan and while I edited most of the episodes, Mr. Bagan also edited several.